Sunday, 2 September 2012

iPad hanger v0.1


  • One wire coat hanger. (30c)
  • Your bare hands. (free?)
  • One tablet computer. ($150-$1000)

About 3 minutes, but it really depends on how quickly you can bend stuff.


  1. Take the coathanger and bend it into a vague rectangle. 
  2. Make a few extra bends in it to stop the iPad falling out the bottom
  3. Make a slight concave bend towards the top. This is just to make the iPad lean backwards so it's more structurally stable if you knock it.
  4. Just look at these pictures.
I know my lighting and camera work sucks. Pro cameras are wasted on coat hangers.

If  you use fancy tools like 'pliers' you can probably make it way more attractive to look at.

You now have a flexible, mouldable tablet stand that works surprisingly well and can hang off damn near anything in your vicinity. If you're in a room doing something, chances are you can hang your iPad somewhere.

Watch TV while cooking!

Use the Verge Collection Map while driving!
Also a great way to keep up with facebook on the drive to work. 

And of course, look up recipes in the shower.
For demonstration purposes only. You should use a ziploc bag when actually showering with an iPad.

Entirely seriously though; I have half a dozen home made and bought tablet stands at home and at work. The coathanger now gets more use than all of them, cost a grand total of 30c, and can be quickly remodelled on the fly to fit whatever you need it to do.

This is also just the prototype. With a pair of pliers and a ruler you can hide that metal bar at the base, even up the bends on either side, and do pretty much whatever else you can imagine. It's weirdly stable and I haven't managed to knock it loose once (despite my clumsy showering technique).

Make one. 


  1. Also, if you want to have better grip on that hanger, just use some rubber bands and tie them around each of the two bars that the tablet rests on. Either cut a rubber band up, tie it around, or just knot one.

  2. True genius. Thank you for sharing.


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