Monday, 28 November 2011

Correct UPS Usage

Are you worried about power outages and unexpected surges corrupting your precious data? Have you bought an 'Uninterruptible Power Supply' but still find yourself worrying it might not take the mood swings and violence your power company deals out? Fear not, For I've taken it upon myself to demonstrate the best way to keep your data safe.

Look at that magnificent beast. 

It works like repeatedly filtering vodka: Each UPS draws power from the one beneath it, magnifying the power-conditioning effect exponentially. By the time your electrons reach the hard drive at the top, they'll be some of the purest and safest electricity in existence.

While this method is great for ensuring the physical safety of your data, if you care about uptime you'll need to have at least two of these badboys for redundancy. 

Do it. You'll attract the envy of your friends and the smouldering desire of women everywhere. 

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